ATSSA to Host ‘Multimodal Support’ Webinar

The American Traffic Services Association is hosting a webinar on March 5 starting at 1 p.m. EST entitled “Using Lessons from Abroad to Truly Support and Expand Multimodal Transportation” that features Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards, who serves as chair of American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Council on Active Transportation.

The ATSSA webinar will focus on the planning, constructing, and maintaining needs of “truly” multimodal infrastructure, the group said, which requires “different thinking” in terms of “investing and incentivizing” support for alternative transport modes.

Leslie Richards

“We are definitely seeing more productive relationships with more organized community groups around bicycle and pedestrian issues; some state-wide and some city-wide,” Richards explained in a phone interview with the AASHTO Journal, who also hosted an “Innovative Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects” webinar for AASHTO on Jan. 29.

Electric scooters are also a “hot topic” right now as cities and states seek to “organize” their deployment better, she noted. “Should they be restricted to bike lanes? Should they be allowed to use the sidewalks? And what places can they use to park? Those are all brand new issues,” Richards noted

In ATSSA’s webinar, she will explain the importance of a “connected and accessible system” for bicyclists, including lessons she learned from a recent conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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