Wyoming DOT Wins ‘Thumbs Up’ in Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Wyoming Department of Transportation received high marks across many of its services in the agency’s 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted every two years by the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center.

[Above photo by the Wyoming DOT.]

The survey highlighted numerous areas that trended upward or remained consistent in terms of satisfaction in 2020 versus 2018. Those areas included satisfaction with the agency’s Driver Services offices, the Wyoming Highway Patrol or WHP, overall stewardship of the transportation system, and communication with the public.

The agency’s Driver Services offices received an 81.5 percent approval rating compared to a 78.7 percent rating in 2018 for promptness. For courtesy of the staff, that Wyoming DOT division received an 88.5 percent approval in 2020 compared to an 85.7 percent rate in 2018.

Photo by the Wyoming Highway Patrol

For WHP, respondents said they remain satisfied with the courtesy and respectfulness of WHP personnel, how WHP responds to situations, and how WHP meets expectations.

Interestingly, the survey said people tend to be even more satisfied after having contact with WHP personnel. For example, when asked about courtesy and respectfulness of WHP personnel, 68 percent who had no contact said they were satisfied but 86 percent who had contact said they were satisfied, the 2020 survey indicated.

The survey showed continued overall satisfaction with Wyoming DOT’s stewardship of the statewide system as well as the way the agency communicates with the public — with both metrics hitting 80 percent, according to the 2020 survey.

Wyoming DOT’s Luke Reiner at left. Photo by the Wyoming DOT.

“Our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey shows all of our employees continually work hard for the people of Wyoming,” noted K. Luke Reiner, Wyoming DOT’s director, in a statement. “The survey shows we have some bright spots that we should be proud of but also that we have some areas we need to improve on.”

For example, the survey showed that customer satisfaction with road quality and maintenance slipped slightly in 2020, with 80 percent of respondents saying they were satisfied after a highway construction project versus 82 percent in 2018.

In addition, only 50 percent of respondents agreed that highway conditions improved over the last two years versus 58 percent in 2018. Meanwhile, the satisfaction rate with overall maintenance of highways – guardrails, potholes, etc. – dropped to 67 percent in 2020 versus 75 percent in 2018.

“We anticipated seeing some decreases in satisfaction rates in some of our areas due to budget issues that we have been dealing with for several years,” Reiner noted.

“A renewed focus on maintaining what we have should help address road quality and maintenance in the future; however, I suspect we are seeing, and may continue to see, the effects of our budget issues relative to maintenance of our roadways,” he said.

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