Wyoming DOT: Mowing Program Aids Winter Operations

A recent video from the Wyoming Department of Transportation illustrates why the agency’s highway mowing program helps makes things easier for snowplow operations in the winter months.

[Above photo by the Wyoming DOT]

“As we head into fall, our normal mowing time, we try to do two cuts per year,” explained Carson Morales, a heavy equipment operator for the agency, in the video.

“Most of the reason we mow is to help prevent drifting,” he said. “When the grass is high, it gives the snow more places to catch. The wind keeps piling it in there and we can’t do much with it once it gets stuck there.”

Mowing also improves visibility for drivers and removes forage, which helps keeps wildlife away from the roads, he said.

“There is no shortage of animals in Wyoming,” Morales pointed out. “Anything we can do to keep them back and away from the traveling public makes it safer for everybody.”

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