WSDOT Ferryman by Day, Pro Wrestler by Trade

If there had ever been a sequel penned to Chris De Burgh’s 1980s-era hit song “Don’t Pay the Ferryman,” it might have very well been entitled “Don’t Wrestle the Ferryman, Either” and been based on the life and times of Randy Zellers (above) – a Kingston Ferry Terminal attendant for the Washington State Department of Transportation.

[Photo by WSDOT]

That’s because, while Zellers is a ferry attendant by day, he’s a professional wrestler by trade – known as “TI Kwon Bro” in the ring.

Interested in wrestling since he was a kid, Zellers said he had a “light bulb moment” several years ago while attending a live professional wrestling event as a spectator.

Image via WSDOT

He explained in a WSDOT blog post that a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo made him feel “ready to do this.” Zellers started out with Snoqualmie Championship Wrestling before landing with the North West Pro circuit in 2018. Since then, he’s quickly gained a lot of success, winning a title in 2022. He currently stars in wrestling matches in various locations across the Pacific Northwest and California but mainly at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn – about 17 miles south of Port Orchard.

To prepare for a match, he said “TI Kwon Bro” gets in the “zone” by listening to music and running a couple laps. Then he meets with his fellow wrestlers to go over the game plan of getting the crowd riled up for an action-packed evening.

“When you’re in the ring, you’re telling a story,” Zellers explained. “Professional wrestling gives the excuse that it will be Halloween 365 days a year.”

Zellers added that he’s been with the WSDOT ferry division for a little more than a year and said the work schedule allows him to be flexible, giving him the time needed for his wrestling ring duties.

“Throughout the whole season, I’ve been on the same shift because it works out for me,” he said. “We’ll see what the future has for me here. I have a funny feeling I’ll be staying around here for a real long time.”

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