Wisconsin Offers Employment Transportation Grants

The Wisconsin Employment and Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP) issued more than $1.7 million in grants on March 30 to 11 non-profit organizations providing employment transportation services to low income workers in 51 counties across the state.

WETAP combines state funds from Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, plus federal monies, into one coordinated program that assists transportation-provider groups statewide. Eligible applicants for WETAP funding are non-profit agencies, local governmental agencies and operators of public transit services within Wisconsin.

Transportation services made possible through WETAP include: zero interest vehicle repair and loan programs; vanpool programs; mobility manager positions; operating projects, which are 50 percent funded; and capital projects are 80 percent funded.

“Lack of transportation can be an enormous barrier to people looking for work,” explained Craig Thompson, secretary-designee for the Wisconsin DOT, in a statement. “This program helps to connect people to jobs – especially in counties without public transportation.”

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