Video: The Role of the Wyoming DOT Fabrication Shop

A recent video from the Wyoming Department of Transportation highlights how the agency’s in-house fabrication shop in Cheyenne custom builds snowplow units.

[Above photo by Wyoming DOT]

The agency said its yellow snow plow trucks are loaded with highly specialized equipment built to operate reliably in extreme conditions for 15 years or more. The Wyoming DOT fabrication shop produces an average of 25 plows a year; taking 380 hours in total to turn a basic truck chassis into top-of-the-line snow plows.

Bryan Wenger, equipment program manager at Wyoming DOT, said his team of eight fabricators install hydraulics, lighting, hitches, plows, dump boxes, sanders, and various control systems on the trucks to turn them into snowplows – additional equipment that has to withstand harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals.

Wenger noted his agency uses “high-end components and materials” like stainless steel to better control snowplow build quality and help boost vehicle uptime.

“Increasing vehicle uptime is how we help keep the roads open and keep the public traveling moving” he said. “We need all these trucks out there running and working. So doing this [fabrication] work in-house gives us higher quality trucks for a lower cost while giving [our] operators longer lasting and more dependable equipment. We get the most reliable truck at the best value.”

Wenger added that Wyoming DOT still has snowplow trucks in service with over 400,000 miles on the odometer; a testament to the long-lasting workmanship of the fabrication shop.

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