Texas Transportation Commission Approves Port Funding

The Texas Transportation Commission recently approved more than $240 million in state funding for port and related infrastructure projects to help increase trade, improve safety, and provide a more robust supply chain.

[Above photo by TxDOT]

The funding goes towards 31 projects recommended by the Port Authority Advisory Committee, a nine-member body representing the Texas port industry. That includes $200 million for 12 projects for the Maritime Infrastructure program, building truck queuing areas, dock rehabilitation and expansion, and rail expansion.

It also includes $40 million for 19 projects for the Seaport Connectivity Program to improve connectivity, enhance safety, and relieve congestion along state roadways connecting to those ports.

“Texas ports play a critical role in our state’s booming economy, helping Texas continue to drive America’s economy and remain a hub for international trade,” said Governor Gregg Abbott (R) in a statement. “This historic investment will not only bolster Texas’ ports infrastructure, it will help build a brighter economic future for all Texans.”

The governor’s office noted that Texas ports drive $450 billion in statewide economic activity every year and support 1.8 million Texas jobs.

“Texas ports are a crucial link in the supply chain,” added Texas Transportation Commissioner Steven Alvis. “Improving these port facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast helps support this key economic driver for our state and the nation.”

“Texas has two of the three largest ports in the U.S. based on tonnage, so this will not only benefit Texans, but the entire nation,” noted TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams. “The unprecedented funding commitment benefits the entire Texas port system and serves as a catalyst for job creation, business development and a more resilient supply chain.”

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