State Budget Provides $10.3B to Florida DOT

The new “Florida Leads” $101.5 billion state budget signed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R) (seen above) on June 2 for fiscal year 2021-2022 provides a total of $10.3 billion to the Florida Department of Transportation.

[Above photo via the Florida Governor’s Office]

That $10.3 billion includes $9.44 billion for the State Transportation Work Program, which is an ongoing five-year plan for the implementation and completion of transportation infrastructure projects, which encompasses $2.8 billion for new highway construction, $1 billion in roadway resurfacing funds, plus $515.9 million for scheduled repairs of 89 bridges and replacement of 18 bridges.

The “Florida Leads” budget also includes $110.6 million in seaport infrastructure enhancements, $325.9 million for aviation improvements, $704.3 million for rail/transit program advancements, and $172.2 million for safety initiatives.

The budget also transfers $2 billion from federal COVID-19 relief funds to the State Transportation Trust Fund to provide $1.75 billion for State Highway System projects and $250 million for port operation grants.

“A safe, reliable, and multi-modal transportation system is critical to keeping our state moving, and I thank the Governor and Legislative leaders for supporting the department’s priorities,” said Kevin Thibault, Florida DOT’s secretary, in a statement.

“The investments made during this Legislative Session will bolster communities as they recover, keep Florida’s economy thriving, and continue to position Florida as a nationwide leader in transportation,” he added.

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