Pennsylvania Governor Salutes PennDOT Workers for Creating Payroll Mobile App

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) presented a team made up of Office of Administration and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation employees a Governor’s Award for Excellence on May 20 today for creating a mobile application that will help increase PennDOT’s productivity by an estimated $7.5 million a year.

[Above photo via Pixabay.]

The mobile app streamlines and modernizes payroll processing for PennDOT highway maintenance workers. Previously, foremen had to submit handwritten time sheets for each of their crew members, which then had to be entered manually into a computer system by a clerk, contributing to an 84 percent error rate and some office staff spending up to 75 percent of their time to address payroll issues.

Photo by PennDOT

Completed in six months, the joint PennDOT-Administration team then traveled to all 11 of the transportation agency’s engineering districts to train over 1,500 highway maintenance foremen on how to use the app – making the payroll process completely electronic.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards noted in statement that highway foremen now have real-time access to work schedules and the ability to submit hours directly from the job site, while automatic notifications and workflows ensure timely reviews and approvals.

Leslie Richards

As a result, the error rate is down to 25 percent, foremen are spending 30 minutes less each day on payroll and office staff can focus more of their time on other tasks – efficiencies resulting in a savings estimated at $7.5 million per year.

“Our employees’ time is valuable, and I’m so pleased that this innovative solution has streamlined operations in the field,” Richards noted. “Thanks to the collaboration of PennDOT and Office of Administration employees, a manual process that was once cumbersome is now efficient.”

“The mobile payroll app is a triumph of teamwork and innovation that addressed a significant need for PennDOT,” added Michael Newsome, Pennsylvania’s secretary of administration. “It is just one more example of how we are using technology to run government more efficiently and work smarter.”

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