Oregon DOT Updates Statewide Curb Ramp Upgrade Effort

The Oregon Department of Transportation recently provided an update to a 2022 report regarding its ongoing effort to revamp 26,000 sidewalk curb ramps within the statewide transportation system, bringing all of them into American with Disabilities Act or ADA compliance.

[Above photo by Oregon DOT]

As of December 2022, the agency said over 6,000 of those 26,000 ramps are now ADA-compliant, with upgrades improving safety and providing more seamless access for people using mobility devices, parents with strollers, pedestrians, and people on bikes and skateboards.

Photo by the Oregon DOT

“Every Oregonian deserves access to a safe and reliable transportation system and for too long that hasn’t been a reality for many of our most vulnerable travelers,” said Mac Lynde, administrator for the delivery and operations division at Oregon DOT, in a statement.

“With funding now lined up, we’re going to transform our transportation system to make it accessible for every user,” Lynde noted.

The agency said constructing or remediating a sidewalk curb ramp requires many steps and people to achieve full ADA compliance. For example:

  • Designing curb ramps to fit the location using national best practices and guidance from the U.S. Access Board.
  • Removing barriers in existing curb ramps like the size of the lip from the street to the curb ramp entrance.
  • Making the slope on the ramp less steep and creating more room to maneuver.
  • Ensuring inspection values (percent of slope, width, truncated domes, etc.) are within the acceptable range for a compliant ramp.

Such improvements will sometimes be integrated into larger, multifunctional transportation investment projects and sometimes will be stand-alone single function ADA curb ramp improvements, Oregon DOT noted.

The agency estimates the total cost of its statewide ADA curb ramp replacement projects – from 2017 through 2032 – to be just over $1.4 billion.

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