Oregon DOT Unveils Online DMV Knowledge Test

The Oregon Department of Transportation said customers can now take the agency’s Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV knowledge test anywhere that has reliable internet; eliminating the need to visit a DMV office for in-person testing.

[Above photo by the Oregon DOT]

“Online knowledge testing is now part of DMV’s expanding menu of online services,” noted Oregon DMV Administrator Amy Joyce in a statement. Using a computer that has a webcam, keyboard, and mouse allows customers to take the DMV knowledge test at a time that works best for them – with no waiting in line at the office or for appointments to become available, with no cost difference between online testing and the in-person format.

“We hope customers embrace this new way to take their knowledge test,” Joyce added. “It is an easy and convenient option that we are proud to offer.”

The online test closely mirrors the testing screens shown in a DMV field office, so customers can expect a similar experience, though teenagers under 18 years of age – the agency’s largest group of test-taking customers – will need an adult 21 years or older to supervise their test as they take it.

Oregon DMV partnered with Intellectual Technologies Inc. to develop its new online knowledge test service; a testing platform the firm said is already used in other states. Proven identity verification and anti-cheating features protect the safety purpose of the knowledge test, the agency added.

The Class C or regular driver knowledge test and motorcycle endorsement test are available online in English and Spanish, with DMV planning to add additional languages in the future to serve even more customers.

“Testing online allows customers the chance to know that they have passed their exam before coming into the DMV office. This can save some people multiple trips into the office if they don’t pass the first time,” Joyce noted. “You don’t need an appointment to come in once you pass online, but do come prepared with all the documentation you need to make sure it is a smooth visit.”

After customers pass their test online, they will need to come into the office with their identity documents, and pass a vision screening. Then they will be issued a permit or be eligible to schedule a drive test, depending on their age.

Other state departments of transportation with DMV responsibilities are making related changes to make it simpler for customers to access DMV services.

For example, the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles with the Idaho Transportation Department recently eliminated administrative fees for mailed registration renewals – the latest in a series of fee reduction efforts by the agency.

In the past 12 months, Idaho the DMV has removed administrative fees for online registration renewals and removed convenience fees for online driver’s license renewals and license reinstatements. The DMV also introduced e-notifications for customers who prefer text or email communication over mailed renewal reminders and expanded online license renewals to include commercial driver’s licenses

“The Idaho DMV is committed to elevating the customer experience by removing extra fees and offering a variety of convenient ways to do business with the DMV that fit into Idahoans’ busy lives,” said Idaho DMV Administrator Lisa McClellan in a statement.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the North Dakota Department of Transportation wrapped up a nearly six-month “upgrade and installation” project that added 44 new kiosks, many equipped with driver’s license services, around the state. There are now 52 kiosk locations across North Dakota, the agency said.

The agency said those upgraded kiosks allow motorists to renew driver’s licenses, request a replacement license or ID card, schedule a road test, pay a reinstatement fee, change their address, and edit donor registry information. They can also check the status of their license, driving record, commercial driver’s license, medical card, and validate their date of birth. While individuals cannot obtain an initial REAL ID via a kiosk, they can renew it at one, noted the North Dakota DOT.

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