Ohio DOT Providing ‘Safe Routes to School’ Funding

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently made $4 million in grants available through its “Safe Routes to School” program to fund infrastructure improvements such as pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements, new or improved sidewalks, and bike racks and non-infrastructure activities such as walk to school days, bike rodeos, public awareness campaigns, or educational programs.

[Above photo by the Ohio DOT]

“Keeping our children safe as they travel to and from school is important,” explained Governor Mike DeWine (R) in a statement.  “This program provides adequate resources for necessary bike and pedestrian improvements, so routes between home and school are safe, convenient, and accessible.”

The Ohio DOT said the deadline for its 2022 round of funds in March 4 and that eligible applicants for “Safe Routes to School” funds include local governments, school districts, health districts, park districts, or key non-profit partners.

The agency said it would award grants on a competitive basis – outlined in its program guidance – to projects identified in a plan or to applicants requesting School Travel Plan development assistance.

They must also demonstrate improved connectivity, improved safety, impact on school trips, and need, as well as offer accurate cost estimates, program sustainability, and overall community commitment to implementing the project or program.

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