Ohio DOT Installing New State Welcome Signs

Motorists entering Ohio will soon be welcomed with 36 highway signs bearing the state’s new slogan – “Ohio, The Heart of it All” – manufactured and installed by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

[Above photo by the Ohio DOT]

Installation of the new signs – which replace older and outdated signs at major entry points to the state – should be completed by December, the agency said.

“There is endless fun, excitement, joy, and adventure here in Ohio, but our state is more than just a travel destination,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) in a statement.

“There is no better place to live, learn, work, and play, and now, everyone who crosses into Ohio will know that they’re entering the ‘Heart of it All,’” he noted.

Photo by the Ohio DOT

“Each letter, each element is put on by hand by our employees, piece-by-piece, letter-by-letter,” said Ohio DOT Sign Shop Administrator Josh Wilson, who noted his Columbus-based facility manufactures nearly 100,000 signs annually.

Some of these new welcome signs will be installed by Ohio DOT crews, while contractors will install others, he said, with the largest signs – measuring more than 40 feet in width – hung on the arch that spans I-70 at the Indiana border in Preble County.

“These signs act as a welcome mat, inviting visitors in and greeting residents coming home,” said State Tourism Director Sarah Wickham. “We want them to be beautiful and to represent our state’s pride, setting the tone for what you can expect during your time in our great state.”

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