North Dakota DOT Preps for Long Combination Vehicle Study

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is gearing up a pilot program to study the impact of longer trucks on North Dakota roadways. The agency said applications to gather input on potential routes and truck configurations for its long combination vehicle or LCV study are due by November 30.

[Above photo by the North Dakota DOT]

A long combination vehicle is a tractor-trailer combination with two or more trailers. The North Dakota DOT study is considering truck cargo carrying lengths of up to approximately 130 feet. Currently, the state’s longest cargo carrying length allowed for multiple trailer loads is 100 feet.

Photo by the North Dakota DOT.

Results from the agency’s study – mandated by Senate Bill 2026, passed by the North Dakota legislature and signed by the governor in April – are due by August 1, 2022.

The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute is assisting the North Dakota DOT with this study. It will document the possible public safety, economic, and infrastructure impact of longer – and potentially heavier – trucks on bridges and intersections statewide.

“This is a great opportunity to work with our transportation partners and learn more about the long combination vehicle impact on the state highway system,” said Mike Kisse, maintenance assistant division engineer with the North Dakota DOT, in a statement.

“This legislation has the potential to benefit the North Dakota economy and the pilot program will collect data to help policy and decision makers determine the long-term feasibility of the new truck configurations,” he said.

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