New Mexico DOT Deploys Vanpool Option with Enterprise

The New Mexico Department of Transportation is partnering with vanpool provider Commute with Enterprise to provide commuters traveling to and from the cities of Farmington, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, and Las Cruces with a vanpooling option through the “NM Go!” program.

[Above photo by Commute with Enterprise.]

The “NM Go!” program aims to help expand and enhance regional transportation options by providing a flexible public transportation alternative to commuters who are not currently served by fixed route service, those working outside of fixed route schedules, or those with longer commutes – typically exceeding 20 miles each way.

Program participants traveling to and from Farmington, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, or Las Cruces can also obtain a 33 percent discount on the monthly rate, while also helping increase federal transit formula grant funds in these areas to potentially make the program financially self-sustaining.

The program – which currently operates 36 routes with more than 250 passengers per day – has taken more than 200 cars off the road and aims serve more than 650 passengers per day by the end of the year, according to a joint statement by NMDOT and Enterprise. The program will also help the NMDOT collect data about commuting patterns and by extension help the agency improve the state’s transportation infrastructure and enhance local and regional mobility.

Michael Sandoval

“Providing people with an affordable and convenient alternative to driving themselves to work every day is one of the ways we’re working to reduce congestion and carbon emissions,” said NMDOT’s Cabinet Secretary Michael Sandoval in a statement.

“But what’s really special about this program is that, in addition to sustainable transportation, participants get to experience other benefits of vanpooling, including significant cost savings, reduced stress and more free time,” he added.

“The average commuting cost for vanpoolers is 50 percent less than the cost for commuters who travel alone in their vehicles. That’s a huge difference that can really make an impact month after month,” noted NMDOT’s Transit and Rail Director David Harris. “In addition to cost savings, we hear time and again how much participants enjoy using their commuting time to be more productive or to just sit back and relax.”

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