New Jersey Opens Applications for Two Grant Programs

The New Jersey Department of Transportation recently opened the grant solicitation period for its Local Bridges Fund and Local Freight Impact Fund programs; two programs that are offering $47.3 million and $30.1 million, respectively, worth of grant monies provided through New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund.

[Above photo by the New Jersey DOT.]

The Local Bridges Fund issues grants to each of New Jersey’s 21 counties to make county bridges safer. The New Jersey DOT said every county receives $1 million and allots additional funding based on a formula taking into account the total bridge deck area in the county and the amount of deck area in poor condition in the county.

Photo by the New Jersey DOT

As part of the Department’s Statewide Capital Investment Strategy, those grants – administered by the agency’s Local Aid and Economic Development divisions – seek to help counties focus on the bridges under their jurisdiction with the greatest structural deficiencies.

Meanwhile, the Local Freight Impact Fund aims to help New Jersey municipalities and counties fund projects that emphasize and enhance the safe movement of large truck traffic, renew aging structures that carry large truck traffic, promote economic development, and support new transportation opportunities.

Under the program, projects that fall into four categories are eligible for funding: Pavement preservation; truck safety and mobility; bridge preservation; and new construction.

Administered by the agency’s Local Aid and Economic Development divisions, award freight grants based on a variety of criteria, including: existing conditions; overall traffic volume; percentage of large truck traffic; crash frequency; and connectivity to freight nodes, among others.

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