New Award Established for Steel Bridge Industry

The Steel Bridge Task Force recently established the Alexander D. Wilson Memorial Award to recognize individuals who have made significant industry contributions to the steel bridge industry. Dean Krouse (seen above) – a Pennsylvania-based metallurgical consultant and Bethlehem Steel Company veteran – is the first winner of this annual award.

[Above photo by AISI]

Formed 40 years ago, the Steel Bridge Task Force coordinates research that establishes safe, cost-effective steel bridges and to implement these developments into steel specifications – specifically American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials design codes.

Photo by AISI

Task force members include the American Iron and Steel Institute, National Steel Bridge Alliance, AASHTO T-14 Technical Committee for Structural Steel Design, steel producers, steel organizations, steel bridge fabricators, bridge owners, university faculty, consultants and representatives from the Federal Highway Administration.

The award’s namesake, Alex Wilson, served as chairman of the Steel Bridge Task Force for over 20 years and presided over a group representing the top steel bridge design experts in the United States. As manager of customer technical services for ArcelorMittal USA, he developed and tested new technologies for the bridge industry, including weathering and high-performance steels.

Dean Krouse (at left) receives the inaugural Alexander D. Wilson Memorial Award from John Kross (at right), a member of the Steel Bridge Task Force oversight council. Photo by AISI.

Krouse, the award’s inaugural winner, retired from Bethlehem Steel Corporation in 1999 after 35 years of service.

He continues to provide expertise on a number of projects as an independent consultant, most notably with regard to structural steel products.

Most recently, his work proved instrumental in maintaining the ASTM and AASHTO steel material specifications; introducing high-performance steel grades; and influencing ASTM to officially recognize 50CR, a utility-grade stainless steel, in a revision to ASTM A709, Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Bridges.

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