Mississippi Legislature Approves $2B Transportation Plan

The Mississippi legislature recently passed a nearly $2 billion state infrastructure investment plan that will be overseen by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

[Above photo by the Mississippi DOT]

That funding includes a nearly $1.5 billion earmark-free appropriation as well as a $620 million supplemental appropriation, the agency said. Mississippi DOT noted that additional funding will be spent on major construction projects, emergency road and bridge repair, plus multimodal projects such as ports, rail and airports.

Brad White. Photo by the Mississippi DOT.

“I thank the Mississippi Legislature for providing Mississippi DOT consequential funding not seen since the 1987 Highway Bill,” said Brad White, the agency’s executive director, in a statement.

“An earmark-free appropriation will allow the agency more flexibility to maximize federal funds and make prudent use of taxpayer dollars,” he noted.

“Rest assured that with the trust bestowed upon the agency by the legislature, the men and women of Mississippi DOT are up to the task and ready to get to work for the people of the state,” White added.

Brad White (at left) with Gov Reeves. Photo by the Mississippi DOT.

[Editor’s note: White interviewed Governor Tate Reeves (R) on his agency’s ‘The Extra Mile’ podcast in February to get insight on critical link between transportation and economic growth.]

Mississippi DOT said the $620 million supplemental appropriation will be allocated across several areas:

  • $450 million for capacity projects, which are construction projects that add lanes and/or build new roadways to increase traffic capacity.
  • $100 million for the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund, which provides funding to revitalize local roads and bridges statewide.
  • $30 million for a new fund for multimodal projects to better address the needs of ports, airports and rails.
  • $40 million to provide federal matching funds for those transportation projects requiring such funds.

“This funding will allow for the further revival of the agency’s capacity program – meaning new construction – along with addressing other important needs,” noted White. “The resulting projects will improve safety, enhance mobility and boost economic growth and development across Mississippi.”

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