Michigan DOT Profiled in Two-Minute Update Video

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently released the latest episode in its “State DOT 2-Minute Update” video series; this one featuring the Michigan Department of Transportation.

[Above photo by AASHTO]

The video features Bradley Wieferich, director of the Michigan DOT, as he discusses how “significant infrastructure investments” are driving large-scale projects across his state, including bridge bundling initiatives and advancements in electrification, such as inductive wireless charging for roadways in Detroit.

Additionally, Wieferich touches on various mobility efforts being undertaken by his agency, including the installation of high occupancy vehicle lanes and flex lanes, with plans for further developments in connected autonomous vehicle technology.

“It’s been an exciting year for us from a program delivery standpoint,” he said. “We’ve been able to deliver some extremely large projects on our ‘high volume, high value’ freight corridors throughout the state. In addition, we’ve been working closely with our local agency partners on bridge bundling through an “innovative contracting” method to build a lot of smaller bridges all around the state.”

Wieferich pointed out that Michigan, like many other states, continues to deliver on electric vehicle projects funded through the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure or NEVI program established in February 2022 by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or IIJA.

“We’re building out our network of alternate fuel corridors but we’ve also installed the first quarter mile of inductive wireless charging in Detroit; a good test case for us to figure out what the use cases might be for this technology going forward from a transportation electrification standpoint,” Wieferich said.

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