Lottery Money Starts Flowing to Mississippi Roadwork

The Mississippi Transportation Commission designated the first $30 million worth of lottery proceeds for pavement restoration projects on January 16; revenue generated from the Alyce G. Clark Mississippi Lottery Law passed in August of 2018.

[Above photo by the Mississippi DOT]

That law dedicates the first $80 million generated from the state lottery to Mississippi’s state highway fund for 10 years for road and bridge maintenance work, with that money to be used with matching federal funds when available.

Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“We are committed to utilizing our new resources for paving and resurfacing purposes that will immediately enhance Mississippi’s highway network,” said Willie Simmons, commissioner for the Central Transportation District, in a statement.

“This is the kind of collaboration needed to build and maintain an effective transportation system that fosters economic growth throughout our state,” he added.

John Caldwell, commissioner for the Northern Transportation District, added that those lottery funds “will be specifically spent to resurface some of our most needy two-lane highways that may not qualify for federal funds.”

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