Local Funding Helps Speed up Nebraska DOT Highway Project

The Nebraska Department of Transportation said construction on the Fremont Southeast Beltway could begin as early as July 6 due to $30 million worth of local funding being provided by the Fremont community.

Kyle Schneweis

“The Fremont Southeast Beltway project is a great example of what we are focusing on at the Department,” explained Kyle Schneweis, Nebraska DOT’s director, in a statement. “Partnering with the local community to build projects that support economic vitality and improve the quality of life for Nebraskans. Without Fremont’s partnership and support from Lincoln Premium Poultry this project wouldn’t be happening.”

The agency said it initially “fast tracked” this highway project two years ago from the 2024 construction season to the 2020 season due to the growing need to improve mobility and support truck traffic associated with economic growth of the region. But the acceleration of this project’s timeline would not have been possible without the $30 million in financial support from the City of Fremont, Dodge County and local businesses within those areas, it stressed.

The Nebraska DOT and City of Fremont agreed upon an initial investment of $20 million based on a projected project cost of around $43 million. Refined estimates for the project confirmed increased construction costs and – based upon a total construction bid of $62 million – Fremont, Dodge County, Lincoln Premium Poultry, Wholestone Farms, and Fremont Beef agreed to invest an additional $10 million in the project.

The three-year Fremont Southeast Beltway project aims to improve traffic flow and safety on US-77 by providing a high-speed bypass around the southeast side of Fremont. The four-mile project will decrease traffic congestion in the residential and downtown areas of Fremont and improve local access and mobility along with regional connectivity between US-77, US-275, and US-30.

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