KYTC’s Holmes Receives AASHTOWare Prismatic Award

William Holmes (above) – spatial services and big data branch manager for the Office of Information Technology at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet – recently received the third Prismatic Legacy Award for his work on behalf of AASHTOWare.

[Above image by AASHTO]

AASHTOWare, a division of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, offers a suite of transportation software products delivered through a collaborative business model with state departments of transportation across the country.

Volunteers from those state DOTs are intricately involved in the decision-making processes regarding AASHTOWare products; providing expert advice and insight that makes AASHTOWare’s software suite unique in the transportation industry.

To recognize and honor the valuable role state DOT volunteers play in its software development work, AASHTOWare created the Prismatic Legacy Award, bestowed on one volunteer across the AASHTOWare product line three times per year.

Holmes – a 24-year veteran of KYTC – received AASHTOWare’s third 2023 Prismatic Award for his work over the last decade on behalf of AASHTO; particularly for filling a key role on the AASHTOWare Technical & Application Architecture task force and as a liaison to the AASHTOWare Bridge task forces.

When asked about what he loves the most about volunteering for AASHTOWare, Holmes said it is about, “making a difference, being a part of a higher calling, making friendships, and seeing the software grow; it is very rewarding.”

However, Holmes is quick to share credit for receiving the Prismatic Award with his fellow AASHTOWare volunteers. “It’s not me; it’s us,” he stressed. “We are a team. Also, I could not do it without the great support of my KYTC team.”

Fellow AASHTOWare volunteers describe Holmes as “passionate” in his work, “consistently challenging AASHTOWare to increase support of spatial and temporal data component. He pushed AASHTOWare to think strategically in addition to tactically and to consider what end users need.”

Holmes also emphasized the importance of showing others how the products can benefit from each other, along with learning the value of data integration. That mindset, he explained, helped improve all of AASHTOWare’s products, as well as increase support for mobile technologies, leverage the use of a state DOTs’ own tools when possible, and helped bring AASHTOWare OpenAPI to life.

While Holmes admits the time commitment of volunteering for AASHTOWare can be a “big one,” he emphasized that it is more than worth it.

“If you want to make a difference, then this is perfect for you,” Holmes pointed out. “If I help correctly, I am helping more than just my state DOT; I am also helping state DOTs in Ohio, California, Puerto Rico, and many others and ultimately all the people who use our roads and bridges.”

“We created the Prismatic Award specifically to honor the dedication of all the hardworking volunteers like Will Holmes,” added Keith Platte, Director of AASHTOWare. “He goes above and beyond to help the AASHTOWare products for the greater good of all state DOTs.”

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