KYTC Launches Student ‘Paint the Plow’ Program

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has launched a new statewide “Paint the Plow” program to decorate the agency’s snowplow equipment with safe driving messages.

[Above photo by the KYTC]

High school students in all 12 counties across Kentucky’s 12 highway districts are eligible to participate in the KYTC’s new program. The agency said that, if selected, the artistic designs for the snowplow blades should focus on road and winter weather safety messages, the agency said.

Photo by KYTC

More information about the program is available by clicking here.

KYTC also hopes to use this program to reinforce safe driving practices among young drivers as well, noted Bill Bell, executive director of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety.

“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States,” he stressed in a statement. “Driving is a lifelong learning process and those first years are vital in building a solid foundation of safe driving habits.” 

Bell added that, on average over the last five years, 32 percent of crashes statewide, 29 percent of injuries, and 28 percent of fatalities have occurred between December and March – Kentucky’s snow and ice season. Additionally, 14 percent of those crashes, 15 percent of the injuries, and 8 percent of the fatalities involved a teenage driver aged 16 to 19. 

“It’s wonderful to see our high schools participating in this program,” noted Governor Andy Beshear (D). “Many of the participating students are new drivers or will be behind the wheel soon, and this is an excellent opportunity for them to learn and promote the safe driving habits we as parents want them to practice.”

 “This program will help us spread safe driving messages for the people working on the road and the people behind the wheel,” added Jim Gray, KYTC’s secretary. “Practicing these safe habits becomes increasingly important in inclement weather, especially during our snow and ice season, to ensure everyone returns home at the end of the day.”

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