Kansas DOT Launches New Cost Sharing Program

The Kansas Department of Transportation launched a new program on September 3 designed to provide state funding for transportation projects while also leveraging local and private funding.

The agency’s new Cost Share Program will provide up to $50 million in fiscal year 2020 funding to local entities for transportation projects that improve safety, support job retention and growth, improve access or mobility, relieve congestion and help areas across the state improve the transportation system.

Photo by the Kansas DOT

Funding for the program is part of the $216 million in sales tax authorized by the state legislature and Gov. Laura Kelly (D) to remain in the state highway fund in FY 2020.

The ongoing program will make $11 million in “base funds” available with a minimum of 15 percent non-state cash match required. Funding above the program’s $11 million base comes from a one-time $50 million State General Fund transfer, the Kansas DOT said; adding that a minimum 25 percent match is required for projects to qualify for monies from the $50 million one-time funds.

Julie Lorenz

Kansas Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz said in a statement that the new Cost Share Program is open to all transportation projects including roadway – both on and off the state highway system – rail, airport, bicycle/pedestrian, and public transit programs but the funds can only be used for construction purposes.

In addition to the Cost Share Program, those funds are being used to increase highway preservation, help complete delayed T-WORKS projects, improve safety, and provide “new funding opportunities” for Kansas cities and counties.

“Creating the Cost Share Program allows us to leverage both state and local dollars to help address important transportation needs across Kansas,” she noted. “We look forward to working with Kansas communities to build projects that improve safety and keep the Kansas economy moving.”

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