Kansas DOT Issues Funds for City Transportation Projects

Some 27 cities across Kansas will receive a total of $22 million for projects to improve intersections and state highways via the City Connecting Link Improvement Program or CCLIP overseen by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

[Above photo by the Kansas DOT]

The Kansas DOT said it increased CCLIP funding for this selection cycle thanks to additional federal funds coming to Kansas as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or IIJA.

The program will provide $5.1 million for fiscal year 2025 and a further $16.9 million for fiscal year 2026, the agency said – noting that local matching funds are required based on the size of the city’s population.  

The Kansas DOT said funding for CCLIP projects fall into one of three categories: Surface Preservation, which involves maintenance work such as resurfacing; Pavement Restoration, which includes full-depth pavement replacement and possibly drainage issues; and Geometric Improvement, which addresses turn lanes, intersection improvements, or modifications to lane configurations.  

“My administration is committed to preserving and improving Kansas highways by investing transportation dollars in the projects where they can do the most good,” said Governor Laura Kelly (D) in a statement.

“Thanks to our increasingly solid financial footing at the state and federal levels, Kansas is finding ways to solve problems and bring resources directly to communities across the state,” she added.

“Pooling resources is an excellent way for cities to maximize the benefits of additional funding for local transportation investments,” said Kansas DOT Secretary Calvin Reed.

“Investing in highways that also serve as city streets is a huge benefit to communities to improve safety and create a better environment for business activity,” he noted.

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