Kansas DOT Issues $16.5M for Short Line Rail Projects

Nearly $16.5 million will go to 17 short line rail expansion and rehabilitation projects in Kansas, funded through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Rail Service Improvement Program or RSIP.

[Above photo by Kansas City Southern Railroad]

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (D) said in a statement that funding will help improve her state’s agriculture supply chain.

Gov. Kelly (at left) with Kansas DOT’s Reed. Photo by Kansas DOT.

“These needed rail infrastructure improvements will lift up rural Kansas and, in doing so, will maximize the economic potential of the entire state,” she added. “By strengthening agriculture supply chains, my administration is helping our farmers and ranchers connect to regional, national, and international markets.” 

The Kansas DOT noted that RSIP recipients will use that funding for rail expansion and capacity improvements, major track rehabilitation, and track replacement projects – funding enhanced by a 30 percent match from each recipient, resulting in a total rail infrastructure investment of more than $23.5 million.

“Rail service lessens the number of trucks that would otherwise be on local roads and Kansas highways, which reduces roadway maintenance and rehabilitation needs,” noted Calvin Reed, Kansas DOT secretary.

“Having different modes of quality transportation strengthens our state and creates new economic development opportunities for Kansas communities,” he said.

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