Iowa DOT Unveils Updated Rest Stop Strategy

The Iowa Department of Transportation released a finalized long-range plan for the state’s rest area system on August 12; a plant that will close a total of 18 locations while adding 247 truck parking spaces in total across the rest area network.

[Above photo by the Iowa DOT.]

“A number of rest areas in the state had reached an age of 50 years or older and required considerable expense to replace,” the agency noted in a statement.

“The [planning] process has moved through several phases that included a study and documentation of customer needs and satisfaction with existing rest areas, two public input periods, and an initial implementation strategy for the rest area system,” it said.

Highlights of the final plan include:

  • Keeping 30 of the state’s 38 full-service rest areas open.
  • Upgrading 12 older sites by 2033.
  • Closing of eight full-service rest areas at the end of their usable life.
  • Closing 10 smaller parking-only rest areas.
  • Upgrading and expanding truck parking at the six remaining strategically located parking-only rest areas.
  • Adding 247 truck parking spaces throughout the system.

The Iowa DOT added that, based on its plan, all 10 parking-only rest area site closures and seven of the eight full-service closures will occur before 2028 when the facilities reach the end of their useful life.

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