Indiana DOT Issues $100M in Local Road Matching Funds

The Indiana Department of Transportation recently issued to 218 Indiana cities, towns, and counties a combined $100.2 million in state matching funds for local road projects through Community Crossings, a component of the state’s Next Level Roads program, originally implemented in mid-2017.

[Above photo by the Indiana DOT]

“Superior transportation infrastructure – from interstates to local roads and everything connecting in between – make our communities safer attractive places to do business and create jobs,” explained Governor Eric Holcomb (R) said in a statement.

Gov. Holcomb (at left). Photo via the Indiana Governor’s Office.

“Thriving communities, in turn, provide exceptional places for Hoosiers to call home and raise families,” he added.

The governor also pointed out that the Community Crossings initiative has provided more than $931 million in state matching funds for local construction projects since 2016.

“Community Crossings is a major asset to Indiana cities, towns and counties as they build and modernize local roads and bridges,” noted Indiana DOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness.

Joe McGuinness

“The state’s funding partnership allows local partners to tackle larger scale project more quickly than would otherwise be possible, maximize their resources to complete more projects and achieve the best possible value for Hoosiers,” he said.

To qualify for funding, local governments must provide local matching funds – 50 percent for larger communities or 25 percent for smaller communities – from a funding source approved for road and bridge construction, the agency said, and must submit an Indiana DOT-approved asset management plan for maintaining existing roads and bridges.

The Indiana DOT added that its “next call” for Community Crossing project funding requests should open in July 2021.

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