Georgia DOT Expanding Adopt a Highway Partnership

The Georgia Department of Transportation is expanding its partnership with the Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation or AHMC, unveiling newly designed road signs urging citizens across the state to “Keep It Clean Georgia.”

[Above photo by the Georgia DOT]

As a result, the Georgia DOT will “rebrand” existing Clean Georgia highway signs to feature the agency’s anti-litter campaign slogan: “Keep It Clean Georgia.”

Following the start of the “Keep It Clean Georgia” campaign in October 2020, Georgia DOT and AHMC began discussions around how to expand their existing partnership as a natural connection to the already-existing statewide Clean Georgia road campaign. That included launching a co-branded anti-littering social media campaign in 2021.

Image via the Georgia DOT

“From our initial introduction, we were not only impressed with the department’s overall commitment to fighting litter, but also knew we wanted to be even more directly involved as we consistently see litter’s significant impact on the safety and appearance of state highways and interstates nationwide,” said Robert Davis, AMHC’s national director of sales and marketing, in a statement.

“In working closely with the Georgia DOT team on last year’s #GAAdoptsClean social campaign, we saw rebranding the existing Clean Georgia road signs with the Keep It Clean Georgia logo as the natural next step in not only expanding our working relationship, but also amplifying the mission of the campaign to reach all Georgians statewide,” he noted.

Russell McMurry, Georgia DOT commissioner

“No matter where in Georgia you may call home, you’ve undoubtedly seen firsthand the impact litter has on our roadways, parks and the environment as a whole,” added Russell McMurry, Georgia DOT commissioner.

“The key to fighting and preventing litter lies in teamwork and education, which serve as the foundation for Georgia DOT’s Keep It Clean Georgia campaign,” he explained. “We are thrilled to continue the expansion of our partnership with the Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation in an effort to not only further the reach of Keep It Clean Georgia’s core mission, but also lead the way in helping keep our state litter-free.”

Each year, the U.S. spends nearly $11.5 billion on litter clean up due in large part to the five pounds of trash the average American produces on a daily basis. In partnership with AHMC, Georgia’s “Sponsor A Highway” Program provides a way to successfully offset litter-removal fees by allowing businesses statewide to step-in and fund litter-removal services along a sponsored stretch of highway.

Through existing sponsorships in Georgia, AHMC facilitates everything from sponsor sign design and installation to litter-removal services performed along highways statewide. AHMC also manages professionally trained cleaning crews to conduct scheduled litter-removal services throughout the lifetime of the sponsor’s contract.

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