FHWA Releases Nearly $60B in Formula Apportionments

The Federal Highway Administration recently released $59.9 billion in fiscal year 2023 apportionments from the Highway Trust Fund for 12 formula programs to support critical infrastructure investments, including roads, bridges and tunnels, carbon emission reduction, and safety improvements.

[Above photo by the Michigan DOT]

States will be able to access a portion of these dollars once FHWA issues the “obligation limitation” notice, which would provide prorated highway funding at FY 2022 levels through December 16, when the current “continuing resolution” expires as Congress grapples with fully funding the federal government for FY 2023.

FHWA said that $59.9 billion in funding for FY 2023 is the second year of funding coming from the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or IIJA, enacted in November 2021, and represents an increase of $15.4 billion in formula programs as compared to FY 2021.

Stephanie Pollack. Photo by the FHWA.

“These historic investments in American infrastructure give states the flexibility they need to determine how to allocate funds in order to replace deficient bridges, improve safety for all road users, and reduce carbon emissions by improving transportation infrastructure for communities throughout each state,” noted Stephanie Pollack, FHWA acting administrator, in a statement.

“This funding … will make our infrastructure safer and more efficient for the tens of millions of American families that count on it to get to school, work, and critical medical care every day,” she said.

Congress periodically authorizes Federal-aid Highway Program funds in multi-year laws to assist the states in providing for construction, reconstruction, and improvement of highways and bridges on eligible Federal-aid routes and for other special purpose programs and projects. The IIJA established or continued FHWA programs and authorized funding for those programs from the Highway Trust Fund and General Fund.

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