FAA Initiates More Drone-Related Developments

The Federal Aviation Administration announced the names of eight private companies that will assist in the development of Remote Identification or remote ID requirements for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), more commonly called drones. The agency also launched a new Unmanned Aircraft Systems Collegiate Training Initiative (UAS-CTI) designed to foster closer collaboration with students who pursue careers in the commercial drone sector.

[Above photo by Wing.]

The eight companies chosen by the FAA for remote ID development work – Airbus, AirMap, Amazon, Intel, One Sky, Skyward, T-Mobile, and Wing – were selected via a request for information process initiated in December 2018. The agency said in a statement that this initial group of companies will develop remote ID technology requirements; requirements that are being developed simultaneously with the proposed remote ID rule.

Photo by Project Wing

Meantime, the FAA released eligibility guidelines for educational institutions aiming to participate in its UAS-CTI program:

  • School type:Not-for-profit, two- or four-year, post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Accreditation:Must be institutionally accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education.
  • Degree/Certification:Schools must currently offer a bachelors or associates degree with a minor, concentration, or certificate in UAS.

Post-secondary institutions with UAS curricula seeking recognition as a UAS-CTI can now apply for this distinction, the agency said, and once requests for participation are received, it will send potential applicants an initial questionnaire to further evaluate their eligibility for the program. Review information on how institutions can apply.

“Providing our nation’s youth with educational opportunities is a major commitment of this administration,” said Stephen M. Dickson, the FAA’s administrator, in a statement. “We see these institutions opening doors for students seeking careers in this exciting, growing field of aviation.”

The FAA added that drones are a “fast-growing segment” of the transportation sector, with nearly 1.5 million drones and 160,000 remote pilots now registered with the agency.

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