Delaware DOT Launches Alert System for Truckers

The Delaware Department of Transportation recently activated an enhanced traffic safety notification system for commercial truck drivers; a program delivered in partnership with Drivewyze and the “Smart Roadways” package. The department added that all of Delaware’s highways will be covered by this alert system.

[Above photo by Delaware DOT]

“Smart Roadways” is an agency-sponsored notification service that extends public highway safety programs into the cabs of commercial trucks. In Delaware, the service provides real-time notifications of upcoming traffic congestion and sudden slowdowns to truck drivers, supplementing the Drivewyze safety notifications truckers already receive – including high rollover areas, low bridges, and railroad crossings.

Delaware DOT added that its enhanced alert program notifies truck drivers about hazardous locations, such as drastic speed changes or heavier than normal congestion is detected, using visual messages such as “sudden slowdown ahead” along with an audible chimes.

The alerts are configured to allow ample time for trucks to slow down or stop, as they require more deceleration time than passenger vehicles, the agency added.

Nicole Majeski. Photo by Delaware DOT.

“We are continually working to improve safety on our roads and Smart Roadways will benefit commercial drivers across the state by providing critical in-cab traveler information where and when drivers need it most,” said Nicole Majeski, Delaware DOT secretary, in a statement.

“Studies have shown nearly 30 percent of collisions occur on interstates, and many are secondary incidents, where a vehicle is rear-ended when in a queue from an initial crash,” she added. “This program will help reduce those numbers.”

Delaware DOT noted that this “Traffic & Congestion Alerts” service was developed through an exclusive partnership between Drivewyze and INRIX. Leveraging INRIX traffic data, this service allows the agency to send real-time alerts to truck drivers through the Drivewyze software application, which is embedded in existing compliance equipment like Electronic Logging Devices and runs on mounted mobile devices in commercial truck cabs.

The Delaware DOT added that the alert system notifications are also available for free on any Android smartphone – and soon iOS-based phones – for all truck drivers who download the Drivewyze app, with no subscription to Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass or Safety+ required.

The agency noted that Delaware is the seventh state to implement “Smart Roadways” in partnership with Drivewyze, with Delaware DOT monitoring the alerts program’s performance using anonymized truck data to determine the program’s connected truck reach and impact on driver behavior – such as reductions in speed and hard braking.

This connected truck network offers Delaware DOT an opportunity to safely extend highway safety programs and traveler information systems directly into motoring vehicles, increasing the safety and productivity of the trucking industry while improving highway safety for all motorists, the agency added.

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