Connecticut Set to Approve $839M for Transportation Upgrades

Governor Ned Lamont (D) (seen above at podium) said on December 21 that he placed $839 million worth of upgrades to Connecticut’s transportation system on the agenda for approval at the next meeting of the State Bond Commission.

[Above photo by the Connecticut Governor’s Office]

The governor – who serves as the commission’s chairman and determines which projects are placed on its agenda – said these upgrades are “long overdue” and compliment projects expected to be financed via the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which was signed into law in November 2021.

Gov. Ned Lamont

“We are about to enter a new era of transportation upgrades that will finally address some of our state’s most congested areas and transform our roads, bridges, rail, buses, ports, and airports into an efficient network that supports the needs of businesses and the people who live here,” Governor Lamont explained in a statement.

“These transportation priorities are an important down payment on Connecticut’s infrastructure future,” added Joseph Giulietti, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Some of the transportation upgrades set for approval at the commission’s next meeting include:

  • Dual Power Locomotives: $280 million to procure dual-power locomotives to replace aging diesel locomotives. The new dual-power locomotives will enable electric train service where overhead wire is available and enable new express train service to New York City.
  • Town Road Aid: $30 million representing the first of two annual payments for municipalities to maintain local roads.
  • Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program: $51.7 million to continue supporting close to 100 local roadway projects in coordination with Councils of Governments.
  • State Local Bridge Program: $13 million for grants providing 50 percent of the cost for 24 local bridge projects across the state.
  • I-91/1-691/Route 15 Interchange in Meriden: $61 million to reconfigure the interchanges of I-91, I-691, and Route 15 in Meriden to reduce congestion and improve safety associated with crashes in this segment of highway.
  • Community Connectivity and Alternative Mobility Program: $12 million for an additional round of grant awards to local projects that improve roadway safety and access for pedestrians and bicyclists. Prior to this allocation, the department has awarded $30 million to 90 municipalities under this program.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA Improvements: $4.2 million to upgrade and install new curb ramps and sidewalks, and improve accessibility for all residents. This builds on the $10 million in investments to date under the Connecticut DOT’s ADA improvement program.
  • Battery Electric Bus Program: $2.5 million to match $10 million in federal funds for purchasing battery electric buses to replace their existing diesel vehicles.
  • Local Transit District Support: $13.5 million to support local transit districts, including capital projects and the procurement of new vehicles.
  • I-95 Safety Study: Nearly $4 million to fund a planning and environmental study of I-95 between exits 19 and 27A in Fairfield and Bridgeport. This study will identify safety improvements along this section of I-95, particularly in the northbound direction.
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