Connecticut DOT Offering Community Connectivity Grants

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is providing $5 million to fund a third round of grants to support pedestrian and bicycle safety initiatives as well as city and town ‘streetscape’ projects across the state.

[Above photo by the Connecticut Governor’s Office.]

The agency noted in a statement that its Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP) is an infrastructure program that seeks to support local active transportation projects in urban, suburban, and rural areas – with the primary objective to make conditions safer and more accommodating for pedestrians and bicyclists, thereby encouraging broader use of those “sustainable and healthy” modes of travel.

Another CCGP objective is to “facilitate social and economic opportunities” to underserved communities by providing “equitable levels of access” to affordable and reliable transportation, the Connecticut DOT said and has boosted funding limits for CCGP awards to between $125,000 and $600,000 to help achieve those goals.

The agency added that it will accept applications for this third round of CCGP funding until October 16.

report issued by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in 2019 indicated that there is potentially a big economic return for states on such activate transportation investments.

The group noted in its 63-page report that shifting short trips from driving to walking and biking via connected active transportation infrastructure could help generate a national return on investment of $73 billion to $138 billion per year if connected to public transit systems.

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