Connecticut DOT Joins ‘Driven to Protect Initiative’

The Connecticut Department of Transportation recently joined the national “Driven to Protect Initiative,” which seeks to end drunk driving by advancing the development of Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety or “DADSS” technology.

[Above photo via Connecticut DOT]

The agency noted that this prototype DADSS system detects whether a motorist’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC is at or above the legal limit, preventing the vehicle from moving if it registers a BAC limit or above reading.

Powered by a public-private partnership between the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the “Driven to Protect Initiative” offers states the opportunity to test the DADSS alcohol-detection technology on their roads, bringing it closer to widespread deployment and encouraging consumers to consider advanced sensor technology as a solution to this deadly problem.

Photo by Connecticut DOT

As part of its commitment to this national initiative, Connecticut DOT Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto’s state-issued vehicle has been fitted with the DADSS technology. Concurrently, Connecticut DOT’s Highway Safety Office also has equipped one of its vehicles with the DADSS technology, with four agency pickup trucks earmarked to have that technology installed in the near future.

The agency plans to make these vehicles available at schools, community events, fairs, sporting events, and more around the state, giving Connecticut residents and students a first-hand look at how the alcohol detection sensors work.

“We are perennially in the top three nationally for drunk driving fatalities and need to reverse that trend. There is a drunk driving problem in Connecticut, and we are taking steps to make our roadways safer for everyone,” said Eucalitto in a statement.

Garrett Eucalitto at podium. Photo by Connecticut DOT.

“Alcohol detection systems have the potential to stop drunk drivers before they hurt or kill themselves or someone else,” he added. “Piloting in-vehicle alcohol detection technology is one step we can take to make a big difference. I am proud to participate in this program to provide reliable data and feedback to DADSS. I hope this technology will be in all new cars one day, helping us to hopefully end drunk driving fatalities in our lifetime.”

“We’re excited to partner with the state of Connecticut to help advance alcohol detection technology for vehicles of the future,” said Robert Strassburger, president and CEO of ACTS.

“Each mile the system is driven on Connecticut roads will help us refine and improve the DADSS technology for widespread commercialization nationwide,” he added. “Through the ‘Driven to Protect Initiative,’ we also look forward to educating Connecticut residents about the dangers of drunk driving and the potential for this technology to save lives and make their roads safer.”

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