Connecticut DOT Issues Traffic Safety Systems Guide

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has released guidance for municipalities statewide that elect to use automated traffic enforcement safety devices, such as red light and speed safety cameras, in their communities.

[Above photo by Connecticut DOT]

The agency said that, pursuant to Public Act 23-116, it was required to develop guidance on the plan development, criteria, and application submission.

Automated traffic enforcement safety devices include red light cameras and speed safety cameras. The Public Act does not provide a mandate for municipalities to install these devices, but rather, they must opt-in with a vote of their legislative body.

The agency further noted that the Public Act requires the guidance be consistent with the goals of installing traffic enforcement safety devices in locations where they are likely to improve traffic safety and ensuring that the distribution of the devices throughout the municipality is equitable.

Garrett Eucalitto. Photo by AASHTO.

“Our team worked incredibly hard over the last several months in partnership with community partners and elected officials in creating guidance for municipalities that has all the information and resources necessary to ensure automated traffic enforcement safety devices are used appropriately,” noted Connecticut DOT Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto in a statement.

“Automated traffic enforcement safety devices have been proven to significantly reduce crashes and serious injuries, and ultimately save lives,” said Eucalitto, who also serves as the 2023-2024 vice president for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

“This legislation is the first of its kind in Connecticut,” he added. “By developing comprehensive guidance, we are ensuring our roads will become safer for everyone.”

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