Colorado Launches Electric Vehicle Outreach Campaign

The Colorado Energy Office or CEO recently launched a new public awareness and education campaign called “EV CO” to highlight the benefits of purchasing of electric vehicles or EVs. The campaign comes on the heels of a joint effort by the Colorado Department of Transportation and CEO to increase the number of EV rechargers across the state.

[Above image via the CEO]

The EV CO campaign includes a dedicated website, a partner toolkit, social media outreach, and other materials to help connect state residents with “accurate and up-to-date information” for purchasing or leasing an EV, while also “generating excitement” about joining Colorado’s EV community.

Photo by the Colorado DOT

It also spotlights the “tangible economic benefits” or owning EVs, such as fuel price savings, purchase incentives from the state and federal governments, lower maintenance requirements, and better vehicle performance.

The campaign also reflects the goal established by Governor Jared Polis (D) to put 940,000 EVs on Colorado roads by 2030 while helping reduce greenhouse gas or GHG emissions from the state’s transportation sector.

Encouraging the rapid adoption of EVs in Colorado is why the Colorado DOT and CEO worked to increase publicly accessible EV recharging infrastructure across the state. As of October 1, 2022, 3,646 Level 2 plugs and 719 DC fast-charging plugs are available statewide to meet EV recharging needs, noted Shoshana Lew, Colorado DOT’s executive director, in a statement.

Shoshana Lew (far left) with Gov. Jared Polis (center). Photo by the Colorado DOT.

“Colorado DOT and CEO are working together to rapidly expand our network of public charging stations so that all Coloradans can feel confident choosing an electric vehicle,” she added.

“We’re proud to support our CEO partners and the EV CO mission to help bring awareness to the positive impacts of electric vehicles and their role in creating a sustainable transportation future for all Coloradans,” Lew said.

“Whether you’re looking for information on state or federal EV tax credits, how at-home or public charging works, or what electric vehicle best suits your personal needs, the EV CO website is a one-stop shop to connect Coloradans to the most current resources and answer all your EV-related questions,” noted CEO Executive Director Will Toor.

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