Colorado DOT Starts Work on Statewide Travel Survey

The Colorado Department of Transportation is partnering with local and regional agencies across the state to conduct a “Colorado Travel Counts” household survey; a poll that will help set state transportation priorities for the future.

[Above photo by Colorado DOT]

The agency said insights gained from this survey – launched at end of February 2024 and slated wrap up in February 2025 – will help Colorado DOT and regional planning agencies prioritize local transportation projects, improve mobility, provide valuable transit services and reduce roadway congestion.

Photo by the Colorado DOT

The survey will ask a random selection of Colorado residents about how they get around, the agency said, in order to understand where people are trying to go in their daily lives, how they get there, and how much time and effort it takes them.

Households selected for participation will be offered up to $10 per person as compensation for the time and effort needed to join and complete the survey.

The survey results should help create a “snapshot” of how the transportation system is used statewide, Colorado DOT noted; enabling its planners to use that “snapshot” as a foundation for future mobility planning and development efforts.

“The survey’s purpose is to understand how and why our residents travel in cities, towns, and rural areas across Colorado,” said Darius Pakbaz, director for Colorado DOT’s Division of Transportation Development, in a statement.

“The information you provide in the survey will aid in forecasting future travel patterns and help identify the right transportation system improvements for each part of our state, whether they be highway, street, public transit or bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements,” he said.

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