Caltrans Launches New ‘QuickMap’ Notification Feature

The California Department of Transportation recently launched a new push notification feature on its QuickMap mobile application that allows motorists to receive real-time notifications automatically about nearby road closures, emergencies, and other traffic updates.

[Above image via Caltrans]

“With this new QuickMap upgrade, Californians now can receive instant traffic notifications based on their location,” explained Tony Tavares, director of Caltrans, in a statement.

Tony Tavares. Photo by Caltrans.

“Drivers can use this information to adjust their plans when needed, compare route options, save time, and travel safely to their destinations,” he added.

Caltrans’ QuickMap is a free mobile application and website for travel planning, providing immediate traffic information including traffic speed, lane and road closures due to construction and maintenance activities, emergency incidents, highway sign messages, rest area locations, camera snapshots, and active chain control requirements.

The new QuickMap push notification feature allows travelers to opt-in to receive location-based alerts on their mobile devices, Caltrans said.

Image via Caltrans

When a device with the QuickMap app enters an area within 10 miles of a road closure or other traffic-related event, a pop-up message will appear alerting travelers of the incident, including time, location and reason for closure.

State departments of transportation across the country are involved in a number of mobile application projects.

For example, in May, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration – a division of the Maryland Department of Transportation – has launched Maryland Mobile ID in Apple Wallet, providing state residents with a digital version of their state-issued driver’s license or state identification card.

Maryland is one of eight states currently working with Apple to digitize identification for travelers at airports. Arizona became the first state to offer this service in April.

In September 2021, the Arizona Department of Transportation helped develop a free mobile application for Apple and Android devices improve the delivery of traffic information and navigation details regarding the $56 million I-15 Virgin River Bridge replacement project to motorists.

Moreover, in April 2021, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority updated the “Drive Oklahoma” mobile application and companion website – offering enhanced navigation tools and better options for checking traffic on interstates, highways, plus state roads and turnpikes before venturing out.

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