Agenda Detailed for AASHTO 2024 Spring Meeting

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials plans to hold four knowledge sessions as part of the agenda for its 2024 Spring Meeting in Madison, WI, April 23-26. To register, click here

[Above image by AASHTO]

The AASHTO Spring Meeting provides transportation leaders with an opportunity to discuss and collaborate on some of the biggest issues facing the industry. That includes attending sessions that highlight topics that are top of mind for state departments of transportation and partner agencies, the organization said.

To that end, AASHTO is hosting four knowledge sessions at its 2024 Spring Meeting:

  • Gauging Growth and Gains through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Sponsored by engineering consulting firm WSP, this knowledge session details efforts by state DOTs and others to measure and quantify achievements made possible by the IIJA including tools, best practices, and strategies for maximization and coordination to ensure there are long-term strategic benefits to the measure’s level of investment.
  • Artificial Intelligence Policies that Write Themselves: Sponsored by software provider Bentley Systems, this knowledge session digs into how  state DOTs are establishing rules so AI can be used correctly, properly, safely, and ethically within the transportation sector.
  • Unpacking the Fables and “Ferry Tales” of Transportation Employment: Sponsored by engineering firm EXP, this knowledge session examines the workforce challenges facing a broad array of transportation and related industries, such as construction, trucking, commercial aviation, maritime ferry operations, and the railroad sector, among others.
  • Navigating the Known and Unknown: Sponsored by drone manufacturer Skydio, this knowledge session looks at how transportation systems can be affected by everything from solar eclipses and sporting events to natural disasters such as hurricanes and the strategies state DOTs use to mitigate the impacts of those events.

The 2024 Spring Meeting will also serve as a venue for AASHTO committees and councils to gather and address critical mobility topics affecting surface transportation, aviation, and maritime, among other modes

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