AASHTO Seeks Materials Processing and Lab Technician

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, an equal opportunity employer, seeks to hire a Materials Processing and Laboratory Technician for its AASHTO re:source operation in Frederick, MD.

[Above image by AASHTO]

AASHTO re:source is a technical service program offered by AASHTO that provides services and tools through three major programs: the Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP), the Proficiency Sample Program (PSP), and the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP).

Through these programs, knowledge sharing, and training events, AASHTO re:source evaluates testing competency, promotes continual improvement, and instills confidence in the laboratories and specifiers that use its programs.

[Editor’s note: The AASHTO re:source video below provides an overview of the PSP, which is one of the largest construction materials sample programs in the world.]

As a full-time position, the Materials Processing and Laboratory Technician conducts homogeneity and stability testing of the sample materials; carries out laboratory testing associated with the development of proficiency samples and schemes; and consults with the PSP Director, Laboratory and Testing Manager, and Production Manager regarding changes in production effort to increase sample homogeneity and stability.

The job also entails the repair, maintenance, and verification of laboratory equipment used in the preparation of proficiency samples, plus data entry and analysis.

Candidates for this position must have a high school diploma, with additional specialized training in materials testing/processing desired. Applicants must also possess the manual skills necessary for the preparation of proficiency samples; including the ability to operate a forklift, front end loader, barrel tipper, drum dolly, and shovel; lift packages weighing up to 50 pounds; climb ladders; and obtain and maintain a state driver’s license. Prior experience in construction or a related field is desirable, AASHTO added.

More details about this position can be found by clicking here.

Candidates interested in this position should submit a cover letter and resume to recruiter@aashto.org by Monday, June 10.

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