AASHTO Revises Concrete Bridge Element Guide

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently issued an updated specification guide for certain aspects of concrete bridge elements.

[Above image by AASHTO]

The new “Guide Specifications for Design of Bonded FRP Systems for Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Bridge Elements, 2nd Edition” are intended for use in the repair and strengthening of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete highway bridge elements using externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer or FRP composite systems.

Image by AASHTO

Those revised guide specifications now better align with ACI 440 strain approaches, with major updates including:

  • Flanged sections in flexure.
  • Pre-stressed concrete sections.
  • Inclusion of factors to account for environmental exposure conditions
  • Near surface mounted FRP designs.
  • Design of end anchors.
  • Detailing of laps and splices.
  • Updated approach to FRP–concrete interface strain.
  • Inclusion of design examples for shear and flexural strengthening, and confinement.

AASHTO noted those updated specifications also contain detailed design examples, reflecting the latest research and lessons learned from actual field deployments.

To order a copy of the revised concrete bridge elements guide, visit the online AASHTO Store online and search by the publication’s Item Code – FRPS-2 – or click here for a direct link to the publication’s AASHTO Store web page.

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