AASHTO Releases Two ‘Commuting in America’ Reports

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently released two new “Commuting in America” reports, which are free to download.

[Above image by AASHTO]

The first report explores the evolution of American “households” as it relates to commuting patterns. AASHTO noted that the household has been the basic unit of analysis in trip generation and travel demand estimation since the beginning of regional transit modeling efforts.

Image by AASHTO

It provides a summary of how the composition and characteristics of households have changed over time, and how those changes have contributed to changes in travel demand.

The second report provides a summary on emerging modes of travel, including ride-hailing, ridesharing, micro-mobility, car sharing, connected and autonomous vehicles, and “telemobility.” It also introduces the data available for analyzing each of these modes, and provides suggestions for future datasets and methodologies to shed light onto their use.

Accessible via the online AASHTO Store, direct links to both reports are below as well:

Though each “Commuting in America” report has its own distinct web link, all of the reports in this series are accessible via this webpage.

To download free copies of these two reports:

  • Visit the AASHTO Store online at transportation.org;
  • Log in to your AASHTO account; and
  • Follow the link under the heading “Free Publications.”

If you do not have an AASHTO account, you can register online at the AASHTO Store by clicking “My Account” in the top right of the page.

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