AASHTO Releases Highway Bridge Deck Guide

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has released the first edition of a brand new publication: “Guide to Preservation of Highway Bridge Decks.”

[Above image by AASHTO]

Highway bridge decks often are exposed to severe loading conditions; both in terms of live load application and environmental exposure that may include the application of de-icing chemicals that can accelerate deck deterioration.

Image by AASHTO

Thus the new guide seeks to help transportation agencies implement preservation treatments that extend the service life of those decks and optimize preservation budgets.

This new guide outlines preservation treatments – including deck overlays, surface sealers, and deck repairs – that can extend the life of bridge decks in service, while detailing factors in deck capacity and durability that can influence the identification of candidates for deck preservation projects.

AASHTO added that this guide focuses on decks in fair or good condition with significant remaining service life and includes over 20 highway bridge deck preservation treatments for bridge decks, outlining conditions when the treatment is appropriate and constraints on the treatment’s usage.

The “Guide to Preservation of Highway Bridge Decks” is available for purchase as a PDF Download – either in single-user, five-user, or 10-user formats. To purchase a copy, visit the online AASHTO Store or click here.

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