AASHTO Issues New State DOT Right-of-Way Guidebook

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently issued the new “Guide for Accommodating Utilities within Highways and Freeways, 1st Edition.”

[Above image by AASHTO]

This new publication merges and updates information from two former publications on utility accommodation: “A Policy on the Accommodation of Utilities Within Freeway Right-of-Way, 5th Edition,” originally published in 2005, and “A Guide for Accommodating Utilities within Highway Right-of-Way, 4th Edition,” also originally published in 2005.

The new guide includes updates to materials that have changed or developed, as well as information on emerging technologies for installing and accommodating utilities in the right-of-way.

Ohio DOT’s Drew Gilmore at right. Photo by Ohio DOT.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce this updated guidance to our industry,” said Drew Gilmore, administrator for the Office of Real Estate at the Ohio Department of Transportation and vice chair of the AASHTO Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control or CRUO.

“With the implementation of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding, the importance of utility accommodation to project delivery is growing in significance. Our streamlined guidance addresses alternative uses of the Right of Way and incorporates the latest technological advancements, including 3D design,” he said.

With all redundancies and inconsistencies between the two previous publications removed and the information updated, AASHTO said its new guide contains five chapters that feature nine brand new sections, encompassing everything from “Functional Classification of Roads” to “Utility Permits” and “Alternative Uses of Right-of-Way.”

To order a copy, visit the online AASHTO Store and search by the Item Code GAUHF-1.

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