AASHTO Issues New Interim Bridges & Structures Guide

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials recently released 2022 interim revisions for one of its bridges and structures publications.

[Above image by AASHTO]

The 2022 Interim Revisions update AASHTO’s “Guide Specifications for Analysis and Identification of Fracture Critical Members and System Redundant Members, 1st Edition,” originally published in 2018.

That 2018 guidebook provides standards and procedures on how best to perform a system analysis to determine performance and response in the event that a fracture-critical member potentially fails.

Such assessment procedures apply to typical steel bridges, including simple span and continuous I-girder and tub girder bridges, through-girder bridges, truss bridges, and tied arch bridges, AASHTO said.

The interim revisions to this particular publication include a new appendix that provides a simplified method to evaluate the redundancy of so-called “twin tub” girder bridges, thus avoiding the need for non-linear 3D Finite Element Analysis.

To purchase a copy, visit the online AASHTO Store or click here to link directly to the publication’s page on the AASHTO Store website.

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