AASHTO Issues Bridge Welding Code Revisions

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has released 2023 interim revisions to its “AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2020 Bridge Welding Code, 8th Edition,” which was originally published in 2020.

[Above image by AASHTO]

The revisions include updated welding requirements for bridges made from carbon and low-alloy constructional steels that are designed for use with AASHTO or American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association or AREMA requirements.

Image by AASHTO

These 2023 interim revisions cover a wide variety of technical bridge welding protocols, including:

  • Clause 4, Flare Groove Welds.
  • Prohibition for Welding on Galvanizing.
  • Shielding Gas Flow Rate.
  • Hydrogen Diffusion Post-heat Temperature Limits.
  • Welder Qualification for FC Materials.
  • Updating of AASHTO References.
  • Use of Materials not specifically listed in the Bridge Welding Code.

While these interims have received initial approval from the American Welding Society D1 Committee and the AASHTO Committee on Bridge and Structures, they will not officially revise the Bridge Welding Code until they are incorporated into the next published edition.

However, owners have the option of employing these interims in current projects by specifying their use in the project specifications.

To obtain a copy of these interim revisions, visit the online AASHTO Store or click here for a direct link to the publication on the store’s website.

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