AASHTO Board Approves Joint Position Statements with ARTBA, AGC

The board of directors for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials approved four joint position statements at its 2019 annual meeting in St. Louis in conjunction with the American Road & Transportation Builders Association and the Associated General Contractors of America.

Those joint statements ranged from the highly technical – the use of Accelerated Construction techniques, engendering a national dialog regarding Design-Build strategies, and the full implementation of project delivery reforms – to a broad policy measure that calls for the construction of a “broader and stronger coalition” in support of infrastructure funding.

Carlos Braceras. Photo by Cathy Morrison/MoDOT

“When we speak together we are more powerful and we need to be willing to step forward,” noted Carlos Braceras, executive director of the Utah Department of Transportation and AASHTO’s 2018-2019 president.

“The policy part, while often difficult, is often the easier part of the discussion,” he said. “Too often we talk about the things we live and breathe every day – bridges and roads – and often lose track of the ‘why’ we are doing things. The public cares about things that impact their lives and we need to remind them and our people that transportation represents freedom; the freedom to move around when we want, how we want, and where we want.”


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